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Sharon 53 years old

"I've been very privileged to have worked with such a skilled, sensitive and understanding therapist. This has been a very valuable experience for me and has helped me at a time when I was experiencing many changes and challenges' "

Tom 36 years old

"Therapy has helped to highlight the way I can improve my thinking and physical and mental health "

Harvinder 24 years old

"I've learnt strategies to manage my anxiety so I now feel more in control. Thank You! "

Heidi 29 years old

"After my counselling with Wendy, I feel I understand myself better and can now make different decisions. I feel more empowered "

Alan 27 years old

"I have suffered on and off with depression for years, through therapy I have learnt the reasons why and how to change these. I am now in a much better place and enjoying life again "

Kerry 38 years old

"Talking through my low mood and how I felt really helped me in finding ways to change it"

Mary 69 years old

"I am 69 years old and have been dogged by anxiety since childhood. Through our work together Wendy helped me manage my anxiety, challenge my fears and avoidance of the unknown and DO IT! She was irksomely good at getting me to stop talking about doing something, overcome my fear of the unknown and do it! Wendy is very easy to talk to and her approach is empathic, genuine and non judgemental whilst being alert to anything significant. She was firm, with a smile and I needed someone to give me a nudge. I'm glad she did. I am presently attending art classes which I had avoided for years and enjoying them and planning what to do next. I strongly recommend her services. "

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