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Health Counselling

Counselling and Therapy for Physical Health & Life Limiting Illnesses

Physical health is often something we take for granted until something happens or we have a diagnosis which unexpectedly changes our lives. We rely on adequate physical health for many aspects of life including work, social activities and even being able to make a simple trip to the shops. A change in our physical health status can also affect our personal relationships and how we see ourselves, our sense of who we are and what we can give to others.

How therapy can help

Having the space to talk through what your physical health status means to you and the potential impacts both short and long term can be helpful in processing and coming to terms with it. Adaptions may need to be made both physically and psychologically and professional support during this time of transition can be valuable.

If you feel it would be helpful to speak with a therapist, please contact me


"After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease I felt I had lost my old life forever. I felt like a burden to my family and just didn’t want to talk about it. I knew stress made it worse and finally had the courage to seek counselling. Wendy listened to my story without judgement and gently supported me in coming to terms with the diagnosis and together we looked at what my new future could look like. I have retained far more independence than I first feared and now actively take care of myself. Thank you for helping me get back on track".

Jack 27 yrs

"I had always been fit and well leading an active life until I got Covid. Then I got long Covid and my life changed dramatically, my memory was terrible, my children had to remember things for me which I found embarrassing, I had fatigue so much I had to give up my job and some friends fell away as I was no longer the person I once was. I became depressed and couldn’t see how the future was going to change. Counselling gave me the space to talk through how I felt, my anger, frustration, sadness and why me? I learned that holding onto how I felt and not telling people didn’t help, in fact it made things harder. It was difficult initially to let someone in, but I’m glad I did".

 Layla 53 yrs

Forest Lake
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