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Bereavement Counselling

Counselling and Therapy for
Bereavement, Grief and Loss

Losing a loved one whether it be a person or a pet can be a devastating experience. It can leave us feeling alone, isolated, angry, confused and depressed to name a few common and perfectly normal emotions.


Unfortunately bereavement and the subsequent process of grief is an inevitable part of life, however sometimes the experience may feel overwhelming and we may get 'stuck' at certain stages of the process and find it difficult to move on.


Sometimes we may feel others have got tired of hearing us talk about it or perhaps we don't want to for fear it might upset others or that we should be moving on for the sake of others close to us. As with any significant life event, the adjustment and healing process takes time, it is a very individual experience and what helps one person may not help someone else. There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

How therapy can help

Having the space in a safe, confidential and non judgemental environment to talk about the loved one, explore and express emotions, understand the cycle of grief, what may hinder and help us to move through it and, when the time is right, to look to the future and how we may like it to be.

If you feel it would be helpful to speak with a therapist, please contact me


" After my wife died I felt I had lost my life as well. Talking to Wendy gradually helped me through the grief and realise that everything I felt was normal. Over time I managed to go back to work and start to rebuild my life ".

Sam 54 yrs

"Counselling helped me come to terms with losing my brother. It was difficult at first but having someone who listened and understood how I felt helped me accept it. It doesn't go away but it does get easier".

John 32 yrs

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