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Anger Counselling

Anger Counselling and Therapy

Anger can be a healthy response to life situations where we feel we have been treated unjustly. Anger is in itself a natural and evolutionary emotion designed to protect us, however when it becomes excessive, out of proportion or expressed in harmful ways to either self or others it can become a problem.

How therapy can help

Getting caught in destructive patens of anger can affect not only those around us but also ourselves. We may experience lowered self-esteem, self-confidence, doubt our ability to change, start to avoid situations or take it out in appropriate ways with consequences we may later regret.

Talking with a trained professional can provide the space to understand the anger more fully including causes, triggers, expressions and consequences. Having a greater awareness of why we sometimes behave in the way we do can then put us in a more informed position to make new and different decisions.

If you feel it may be helpful to speak to a therapist, please contact me


"I was so angry all the time, the slightest thing could set me off and then I would feel so guilty afterwards. Wendy helped me to understand where my anger was actually coming from and deal with those issues rather than taking it out on those around me"

Jason 48 yrs


"Therapy helped me to learn new and more helpful strategies to manage my anger and frustrations. I am very grateful’"

Sally 34 yrs

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