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Life Adjustment Counselling

Counselling and Therapy for Loss and Life Adjustment Issues

The only constant in life is change and with change may sometimes come a sense of loss and the need to adapt to something new.

Whether it be moving into a new phase of life such as living alone for the first time or beginning work, experiencing a difficult loss such as that of a job or an aspect of our health or a significant life event like marriage or retirement, adjusting to change is not always a smooth process. Sometimes even positive changes such as a new addition to the family or a promotion at work can prove a challenge as we learn to manage the process of transition. For example, a new father whilst overjoyed at the arrival of his new born may sometimes still grieve the freedom and lack of responsibility of his earlier life, or the businesswoman who whilst happy at her recent promotion, may miss her old work colleagues and the friendship, support and comradery they once shared.

To experience change and loss is a natural part of life, however sometimes we may become 'stuck' and have difficulty accepting something that has happened and moving on.

How therapy can help

Inevitably we all face challenges from time to time whether it be a child leaving home or a change in some aspect of our self-identity or life situation. These experiences may require us to revise our values or lifestyles in some way whilst adjusting to the new situation. Negotiating the process of change can be difficult and sometimes having the space to explore what these changes mean to us and how we can best handle them can be helpful in making the road of adjustment a little less rocky.

If you feel it would be helpful to speak with a therapist, please contact me



"I sought therapy after the break-up of a long term relationship which left me feeling alone and at a cross roads in my life. Wendy helped me explore different options for the future and re-build my self-confidence which was very helpful. Thank you!".

Michael 27 yrs

"I had counselling with Wendy after I was made redundant. I felt useless and doubted I would find work again because of my age. Wendy did not promise to make me feel better but instead listened to how I felt without judging me and supported me to explore different options. She believed in me as a person at a time when I didn't. I have now learnt how to do this for myself again".

John 59 yrs

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